I’ve been running travel photography workshops and tours for over 6 years now.  And, while we’ve kind of always offered video help and instruction where people have asked, it hasn’t been the focus.  However, it seems like more and more people are looking to build their videography skills.  So, we decided to start operating some travel video workshops to our set of trips.

I’m calling these “Greg Trips” because at the moment they’re going to be run by Greg Snell.  Greg has been a travel videographer for years now, and he has worked as a tour leader and tour guide in the past as well.  So, it’s sort of the perfect fit.

What’s a “Greg Trip”

If you head over to my travel photography workshops page you’ll see a new section called “Greg Trips”.  Now, all this really means is that I’m not going to be leading the trip.  Rather, it’ll be run by Greg.  There are times I might be around a bit as well – as was the case in Bali – but this is Greg’s show.

Greg is a videographer first, but also a very good photographer.  These trips will definitely have a focus on video, but if you’re into photography as well there’s still time and instruction for that.

The Greg trips will follow the same style as my other trips. There will be retreats, classic tours, adventure trips, and some VIP scouting trips.  

For the time being, we’re looking at running 2 of these trips a year.  If the demand is good, we might add more.

Where Will These Travel Video Workshops Happen?

Like my own travel photography tours, these will operate around the world.  However, these trips will tend to head to locations that lend well to video.  Interestingly, places that make for really great videos, don’t always make for great photography – and vice versa.  I’ll be sending Greg to places where participants in these trips get the absolute best experience and have the opportunity to create the coolest content.

The first two trips will go down in Mongolia and South Africa!

Mongolia Adventure Video Tour

Our 2019 Mongolia trip was epic.  And, as we progressed through the trip I kept thinking that the country just made for unreal video content.  Sure, we made pretty good photos as well.  But everywhere we looked there was an amazing motion shot to be made.

Thus, we decided to go back with a focus on video.

Greg’s going to lead another video trip out to the west of Mongolia.  And, again, it’s going to be epic.

Check out the Mongolia info here.

Cape Town Video Retreat and Safari

My favourite city in the world, Cape Town, will play host to the second ever video retreat.  I love the retreat style. It’s chill, it’s immersive, and it creates a great sense of family among the participants.  Our Bali retreats went so well, and just created such and amazing atmosphere. So, we wanted to do it again.

Greg’s going to organize a retreat based in Cape Town.

You’ll head up Table Mountain, hike Lion’s Head, see the penguins, chill at Camp’s Bay, and spot whale in Hermanus.  It’s going to be incredible.

And then, for those interested, there’s a safari add-on in which you’ll head into Kruger National Park to search for leopards, lions, and more.  

Find all of the South Africa video retreat info here.

I don’t have any “Photography Marketing” images, so I’ll toss in a couple teaser images to the start of the Southern Africa content.

Future Trips?

The comment section is open.  If you have destinations where you’d love to do a travel video workshop, let us know.  That said, we have some ideas on the plans like Hawaii, Madeira, and more.

A quick reminder that we have some spaces open on photography trips to Morocco, and Namibia still as well.

Oh, also, there’s a massive announcement coming on October 13th. Like massive, massive.

Can’t Join This One?

If you can’t join one of these trips, be sure to sign up below for information on future trips that we’re going to be running around the world.  Members of the newsletter get tour information a little before any announcements go live.


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